When in Rome…

This place is simply breathtaking, I could be here a lifetime and yet still not see all the beauty that Roma has to offer. Today we went as a class to do our second site visit to the excavations in Palazzo Valentini which included a multimedia tour and glass floors that allowed you to see the excavations below. After we concluded our tour we made a stop for some generous portions of gelato alla nocciola (hazelnut ice cream) and headed back to our rooms to rest before heading back to town and find a place to “study”.
After walking around in circles and asking for directions in my broken Italian we finally found Trastevere, we had food and drinks while we did some reading for our class then headed to Ponte Sisto (right next to the water), walked around and after our feet couldn’t handle anymore we decided to call it a night. It’s amazing how much walking you do here, explains why I’m having a difficult time finding a gym… I think with the amount of walking we’re doing it will definitely balance out the new eating habits I’ve developed… =)
The group
The Nutella is as big as my head!

Provincia di Roma


Giant Nutella
Jennie and I eating gelato
Refill from the street =)
The accordion is so Italy!!!
Piazza Navona
Palm tree sighting!
So Romantic….
Study time!
Bruschetta al Pomodoro
Little doorway, perfect for me!
“PQ” =)

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