Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 2.0 Submission


Last Friday while I was on Twitter, I came across Bobbi Brown’s “Pretty Powerful 2.0″ contest and decided to enter it since it didn’t require much but a written submission and a photo.  I was under the impression that you needed to write a 250 word short essay explaining your secrets to beauty and confidence…”easy” I thought….  After a few hours of preparing my short submission I realized it asked for no more than 250 CHARACTERS, not words!!!  It took me longer to condense the submission to 250 character than it took me to write the whole thing…EPIC FAIL!!! Either way, I’m including it below since it might serve as a motivational speech to someone. lol

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❤ Paola

“Beauty is skin deep and only true when felt within.
When I was young, I believed beauty to be a necessary product that came attractively packaged and applied to the face, however, as I’ve matured, the definition of beauty has also transformed.  Beauty is now determined by the way my personal achievements have made me feel and the self-confidence that radiates through me because of what I’ve accomplished. 
Attending school full time while working 40+ hours a week did not always allow me to get my 8 hours of “beauty sleep” or keep my most glamorous face.  However, with graduation being 2 months away, the feeling attached to that of success, is one that not even the most expensive cosmetic product can bring. 
If I could formulate my own recipe of self confidence and beauty, the main ingredients would include determination and strength.  Like the shelf life of high-end foundation, physical beauty also has an expiration date, however perseverance is a trait that gfno one can take away from me and that is what makes me pretty powerful!” – PaolaMQ


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