Europe Trip 2017 – Italy

Had the most amazing time in Europe. I experienced a few days of jet-lag upon my return however, it was a small price to pay considering the amazing time I spent abroad.

I’ve been getting a few questions about the “dream trip” so I thought I would review each country I visited during this trip (in this case Italy, Greece and Spain) and share a few suggestions and recommendations for those of you visiting Europe.

To avoid an extremely long post, I will break it down by country and title each post appropriately.

Now on to our first stop…

ROMERoma TerminiWe stayed in an apartment steps away from Campo de’ Fiori, which we found on Airbnb. Campo de’ Fiori is a place full of life, where you can find something to do at any time of day (or night), the city never sleeps. Packed with a number of restaurants, gelato shops, bars, and a market that is set up daily and taken down around 3pm to allow restaurants to set-up for dinner.

If you want to be within walking distance to all the must-see tourist attractions while getting a taste of how the locals live, then Campo de’ Fiori is the place for you.

If you’re in Rome for just a few days, these are the places that I highly recommend visiting. I walked to most of these sites (travel time listed below) but if you prefer, Uber is now available in Italy, which is reliable and you avoid getting charged exorbitant tourist prices.Tiber River ItaliaPlaces to visit:

Colloseum ItaliaPantheon RomaTrevi Fountain ItaliaPlaces to dine:

SPERLONGASperlonga Beach ItaliaLooking for a fun day trip? Sperlonga is a beautiful small beach town about 1.5 hours from Rome. You can get there by taking a train (from Roma Termini Station to Fondi) and then transferring to the metro or taking the local taxi. It’s a fun place to visit in the spring or summer time and you can find numerous restaurants that serve fresh seafood and offer beautiful views.Sperlonga ItalySperlonga Italy ViewSperlonga Torre TrugliaVENICEVenice Rialto BridgeOnce in Italy, traveling to nearby cities (or countries) is a breeze since their train system is affordable and convenient, and often better than flying. We took the high-speed train from Roma Termini Station directly to Venezia S. Lucia. The train ride from start to finish was about 3.5 hours with quick stops in Florence, Bologna, Padua, and Venice. The upgraded seats are a good investment for these longer rides as they provide extra leg room and leather seats. There’s also a cafe on board where you can grab coffee or a snack throughout the duration of your trip.

Arriving in Venice for the first time was unlike anything I had experienced before. Not a car in sight, just boats and gondolas. As soon as you step out of the train station you’re overwhelmed by the rush and people offering you private boats to your final destination. We settled for convenience and paid 60 euros to get to our hotel however, if I were to do it again, I would suggest getting a shared boat or jumping on the local water bus.View of VeniceWe stayed at the Palazzo Veneziano in Dorsoduro which was a perfect area to stay in, just a short walk from everything and quieter in comparison to the other districts. We were within walking distance to St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Grand Canal. I’ve highlighted the places I suggest visiting below but I would highly recommend visiting the Basilica, the architecture is absolutely breathtaking.

St. Marks Basilica VeniceSt. Marks Campanile VeniceDoges Palace VeniceMURANO, BURANO & TORCELLO ISLANDSTorcello VeniceIf you’re in Venice for a few days, I recommend taking a day trip to Murano, Burano, and Torcello. These small islands are just a few miles away on the Venetian lagoon. There are plenty of companies that offer half-day tours and you get to see the beauty that each place has to offer. Starting off in Murano, world-famous for their glass, you get to see the skillful art of glassblowing in a local factory. Then you head to Torcello, known for its beautiful mosaics and the most peaceful out of the three islands. Finally, you make your way to Burano, known for their lace and brightly colored houses. The duration of the entire tour is about 4-5 hours and even though you’re traveling from one island to the next, it gives you just enough time to walk through and do some souvenir shopping.Gelato in TorcelloBurano Venice HousesThis concludes my trip to Italy. I hope you found this review useful and let me know where your travels take you next. Happy travels!

Ever wanted to visit Santorini or see the beautiful city of Acropolis? Make sure to come back as I will be doing a full breakdown of my trip to Greece!



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